Best selling scrunch leggings yoga tights for women pink and blue

What's important when buying gym active-wear

If you’re taking yourself off  to go the gym, you need to make sure you have a dedicated selection of gym leggings/shorts and crop tops to help maximise your workouts. Just about every women head to their chosen place of weight lifting / yoga stretching spot in the gym. And probably health and strength too. But admit it…it’s mainly aesthetics.

This brings us swiftly and carefully to one of the world best gym clothing brand. Because, not only do you want to look amazing when in the gym, but you need your activewear to help you perform at your very best, whether it be in terms of durability for the number of squats you execute, or breathability when in a sweaty workout of HIIT to keep you cool


The focus is on technical fabrics, breathability, moisture-wicking and weight  of the fabric which allows a women to push themselves to the limits. Simply just think of gym activewear that complements your greatest workouts, rather then being restricted.

When you're doing your training in the gym, whether it be lifting heavy weights, a heavy HIIT classe cardio, yoga, it’s important to ensure that your gym-wear fits perfectly. And by perfect we mean clothes that give your arms, legs, waist and mid-section a full range of motion to do any exercise.

Baller Babe Active Wear offers this in all their ranges, from leggings shorts to crop top sports bra. Be confident that this activewear brand carefully considers all functionality. 

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