best activewear yoga shorts to buy in australia and leggings for women

What are the BEST Bike shorts? We give you the best of the best for all occasions

Activewear shorts, booty shorts, Long Shorts, short shorts.. Bike shorts are a must-have staple in every activewear owners wardrobe. Wear them day in day out and adapt to any fashion trends that come about — one pair simply ain't enough.

Whether you are after a bike pants for your lunch-time HIIT class, maybe walking the dog or dinner - date with friends, we’ve got you covered. Baller Babe Features some classic shorts of high-performance compression fabric, squat proof, supportive and pockets — Did some one say pockets?! 

Shorts With Pockets: Signature Scrunch Bike Shorts
Our ultimate must-have range of shorts. Bike Short with pockets for your smartphone or gym key is our favourite for a reason. If you love a workout outdoors, or the gym but hate not having pockets to hold your essentials then these black bike shorts for you. Squat proof fabric provides a firm but comfortable fit - Bonus they look great!

Best for Everyday Wear: Essential Everyday Bike Short
Sometimes you need bike pants as a fashion item for a dinner with friends, the Bike Short is the perfect choice. Whether you’re working from home, heading to your favourite place to eat or getting some active walking steps in,

Best for Pregnant Mothers: 
Maybe you have a baby on the way and your hands full, our mesh shorts are for you mumma!. These shorts have waistband that grows with you and our four way stretch fabric

Best Shorts for Pole Dancers:

So, you love pole dancing class, and you want the perfect shorts that don't interrupt your grip from your thighs to the pole? Our best selling activewear shorts are the tie up shorts, with adjustable tie ups, with a beautifully scrunch bum and high waist

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