Squat proof leggings in black no seam pants high waist compression tights leggings australia

We've discovered the Ultimate Squat proof leggings once again!

It's a question we often don't query but today i was on the leg-press machine at the gym, I was wearing my new Black Tights which are seamless. 

Now, I may or may not be the only one who looks down at my crutch, But i discovered these are the BEST activewear leggings i have ever purchased for exercising in. no word of a lie wow just wow

Why? Because often when i am seated on the leg-press machine, i try to get as comfortable as i can, but something that bothers me is the seam on activewear leggings at the front of my who-ha causes an uncomfortable pressure. Until today, I realised the 'seamless' yoga leggings are in fact seamless where its important on leg day!

I could leg press deep without worrying if 'that' seam was going to invade my ultimate workout of quad and booty gains! Not only that, But when your getting sweaty in the gym or at yoga and pilates practice on the inner thigh of my seamless leggings the breathable design was there.. Like hang on a second.. Honestly i feel like there has been a revolution in my leg day training. After all this time, i've been talking to my self at the gym about this, and this is it.

Don't take my word for it! Check out these seamless squat proof and leg-press machine movement comfortably for your self.

I feel even more motivated to workout hard knowing how comfortable the leggings are and suited for this type of workout

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