Try this glute workout from home also know as the Booty burn

Try this glute workout from home also know as the Booty burn

Lets face it, we all want that peachy bum look which is something our scrunch leggings do, But lets do some exercises that help get that booty gain, by focusing on that area 2-3 time's a week, you could grow that bottom to look rounder and perky. For best results to gain that booty use a booty band.

All the Baller Babe Active Wear have been designed to cater to your workouts, we suggest wearing long leggings to help stop resistance bands from rolling up your legs

Follow the workout below for 12 sets each for 3 rounds

Squats are amazing! it targets your quads, hamstrings and glutes, you can also intensify the workout by using a booty band these are also known as resistance bands.

Glute Bridge with abduct

Lie on your back with your feet on the ground, place the resistance band above the knees, Push through your heels as you lift your butt upwards as high as you can, push your knees outwards and lower yourself back towards the yoga mat.

Donkey Kicks

Wrap the band around your legs, so its sitting just above your knees, start on your hands and knees, then use one of your knees to help anchor the booty band to the ground

with your other knee bent as you lift upwards as if you are pushing your foot up to the ceiling, do this exercise for 30 seconds on each side.

Seated Abduction

Start by sitting on a chair, this the booty band positioned closer to your knees and your hands together, push your knees out repetitively  against the band unit your thighs are at the right angle. do this workout for 30 seconds.

Bow Taps

Just the name sounds super cute! 

Again with the booty band under your knee, raise your straightened bringing it in a circular motion towards the other side so that it crosses over behind your bent leg, touching the ground with your toe lightly.

If you're finding motivation hard to get fit, look for help, for example this company in fitness do personal training, get in touch with a personal trainer to help get you going! 

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