The Truth About Squat-Proof Leggings

The Truth About Squat-Proof Leggings

Everyone of us at some point has owned  a magical pair of leggings. You wear them and seem to get instant attention and smiles. Admiring glances and even a few thumbs up are the norm as you go about your morning workout and group classes.

Good times!  Love those leggings!  Love the smiles.  

That is until you realise one day from the back of the group class that you can see almost 100% of the underwear styles every time someone bends over or squats down.  Oh look it’s polkadot day again...

And that my friend, is why you need, squat-proof leggings.  The sheer fabrics that many gym leggings are made from just don’t stand up to the squat test.

Baller Babe leggings do.  They are squat-proof.

What are squat-proof leggings?

Based on the term ‘squat-proof,’ people usually assume that these are the kind of active wear bottoms you can squat in all day without fear of them ever splitting at the seams.

If you think about it, this interpretation makes sense. After all, fabric strength and durability (especially at the seams) is a critical feature of good-quality fitness garments.

However, squat-proof leggings are more than that.

If you’re shopping around for your first pair of squat-proof leggings, then make sure your prospective new gym pants have the following features:

  • Opaque: No matter your fitness routine at the gym or yoga class – whether you’re doing a downward dog or sun salutation or squatting for 30 seconds – your squat-proof leggings won’t give others a front seat view of your underpants.
  • Stretchable and flexible: Good squat-proof leggings won’t rip or tear whether you’re bending, squatting or stretching while exercising.
  • Made with strong elastic material: Low-, mid- or high-rise, squat-proof leggings always stay put. This means they won’t roll down your waist or hips, or hike up your ankles whenever you move.
  • Moisture-wicking: High-quality squat-proof leggings are made using moisture-wicking materials so you feel cool, comfortable and dry even during your sweat sessions, like cycling class or HIIT workouts.
  • Thicker fabric: Thicker materials tend to be sturdier, so even panty lines won’t show.
  • Four-way stretch fabric: Not all squat-proof leggings have this feature, but it’s nice to have. Why? If your leggings are made from four-way stretch material, it means you can stretch in any direction with no sheering in the fabric. You can stretch as much as you want without your leggings becoming semi-transparent.

With all these features in squat-proof leggings, you can have carefree, smooth workouts every day, with no fear of panty lines or your underwear showing.

Where to use squat-proof leggings

Just like any great pair of leggings, you can use these for many athletic activities. But these are a must for doing yoga, squats, barre, deadlifts and all other fitness activities that require you to stretch, bend or squat.

Ready to shop for squat-proof leggings?

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