scrunch bum leggings worn by women in grey and black texture

The hype about activewear and why its important

The designs and funcuality that have evolved in the active wear industry, wow! Finally we realise they not everybody is a one size fits all when we start the fitness journey.

Take Baller Babes active wear founder and proud advocate for the brand.

A mum of 3 who struggled initially with her body image, gym wear that suited her body was tough to find, things that did sit well didn't look to crash hot in design and as a result didn't feel confident at the gym or at any workout. The founder of baller babe active wear wanted to inspire other women on their fitness and health journey. She believed feeling good and confident in active wear was a small step to getting that motivation up and raring. Look out workout here she comes!

The BB founder introduced what she believed to be the most diverse, comfortable  leggings to hit the market, offering her first pair of leggings, leggings she loved, felt confident in and whilst on a weightless journey the leggings which she still owns and wears the baller babe signature leggings. Available in four popular colours pink, blue (her favourite) black and grey.

Baller Babes signature leggings were designed and manufactured with a four way stretch fabric to cater and contour her body during her body transformation. From a size 14AU to a petite and fit size 6AU! As a mother of 3 our bodies can change and for her, the wide waist bad covered her stretch marks (tick) along with a specially designed scrunch bum to enhance a more flattering rounded perked up bottom (another tick). And then that fabric wow, the fabric design which is fully textured to help her reduce the visible cellulite on her legs and butt! Sayyy What? 

The signature scrunch bum leggings have supported her confidence for not just her but thousands of women, who doesn't want to go to the gym and feel a million bucks during and after a working. These tights don't roll down and they're a keeper!n You're not wasting money on gym wear that doesn't cater to you and your fitness journey.

We've mentioned it before and will say it again, these scrunch bum leggings do the distance, wether it weight lifting, yoga, dance, running or running general errands they'll last.

what leggings do you know look sexy yet incredibly appropriate to which you can actually squat in? They're squat proofs, don't believe us simply try them yourself. The reviews on these scrunch bottom tights are real, given by real women.

defiantly 5 stars from us her at baller babe, an investment in fitness worth making. Amp that self esteem, when you're confident in your clothing its a kick start for more motivation to come



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