Post pregnancy workouts in Baller Babe Signature activewear

Post pregnancy workouts in Baller Babe Signature activewear

Are you a mumma want to tighten and strengthen your body, Just like the Owner of Baller Babe Active Wear, A is a mother of 3, she wasn't always into being fit... her fitness journey started a few years back. Becoming a mum can make you busy and tired, we forget to take care of ourselves! Its super important to keep our health in check, the banging body will follow. Sure you can go ahead and have a mummy makeover or you can get your fitness up and running. 

Baller Babes founder found that her confidence was supported by the baller babe signature leggings because it had a wide waist band 

There is an array of workouts and mindfulness exercises you can do to get your bounce back, 

Remember the bachelor Australlia, well, he was a fitness instructor, he went onto marry a women from the show, years later they're still together and the run the sam wood 28 day challenge, they have programs specifically designed to cater to women in pregnancy and post pregnancy, check out what they have available 

Here's a workout to get you started

TA Activation / Pelvic tilts - targets deep abdominal muscles 

Heel Slide - this targets hip flexor

Side toes taps - Targets Lower back, abs, quadriceps and obliques

Glue Bridge - This engages abdominal muscles, hamstrings and glutes

Do 3 rounds of each exercises for 30 seconds! After 28 days you'll start to see a difference and feel the difference in strength to your body!


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