Keeping a healthy mind and fit  body during NSW second lockdown

Keeping a healthy mind and fit body during NSW second lockdown

It's happening again! NSW and Victoria are in lockdown for the second time!

Baller babe active wear is here to help you get through with a few tips on keeping your mental health strong and staying fit and healthy through what may be a difficult time.

This particular article is a good read myhealth1st say One of the fundamental things about trying to keep fit and healthy while self-isolating is the fact that you may have to change the way you think about exercising. If you relied on a gym, the local pool or a regular sport or martial arts group for your fitness regime before the lockdown, you have to find other ways to stay active.

Here's some suggestions on keeping an active life style improvising with items at home for a workout

  • Think specificity. Work a specific muscle, body part, or skill, and that's what's going to improve
  • Think of what you usually workout at the gym and improvise different methods, the internet is a great source for finding alternatives,
  • Take a walk around the local neighbourhood
  • head to the local park use the playground equipment like monkey bars to do abs crunches
  • use safe household items as weights such as cans or water bottles 

Keeping your mental health in tacked is more important then ever, keep your mind busy. Maybe learn a new hobby? such as cooking, learning new healthy meals can be fun, there's so many meal ideas all over the internet, people are creating and posting great meal idea's every day.

Mother of 5 Rena awada has some brilliant healthy meals she posts on instagram, you can follow her Instagram page here

Another great idea of keeping the mind occupied and yourself busy during this pandemic is decluttering your house! Doing this doesn't have to be the be all and end all, a tidy house and removing unwanted items can be that extra breath of fresh air you've needed, and no better time to get this done while we're all stuck at home. Forget the usual cleaning and start chucking! check out the guys from All gone rubbish removals get rid of all that rubbish you've been holding for years and years. Decluttering your house is essential to a healthy mind. who likes sitting day in day out staring at household items you accumulated.

The COVID pandemic doesn't have to take over your mental health, its all about changing your mindset, doing something different from your normal lifestyle.

Finally, you can do this all in your active wear lol


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