How many australians buy active wear?

So, what percentage of Australian women buy activewear? Curious, us too so we went to take a read

Well research shows habits of Australians over the last 12 months; Commissioning OmniPoll to conduct a national survey, they asked Aussies to tell us how they wear their active wear, how often they wear it, where they wear it and whether they actually exercise when wearing it!

The survey was conducted by Chobani (Click here to read full report) showed that

  • 82% of Australians under 60 wear active wear either for exercise, at home or as casual wear

  • 78% of people reported that they had worn they're active wear as casual  when they were out doing everyday activities like shopping or going for a walk

  • Approx 40% of people reported that they were wearing active wear most days, if not every day

  • When COVID hit, 38% of people completing the survey report wearing active wear more often than previously

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