5 Exercises to help stretch out your glute muscles after a workout or sitting down for too long

Building a bigger butt with these Glute exercises for a peachy round bottom

Are you looking for some booty gain aka bigger butt? A shapely figure like some of your favourite women? you better train for it and while doing that there are some great glute exercises you can find online! From a six pack abs to a bigger bottom, a sexy body is considered for some to be curvy, curvy in the lower body. There’s no doubt the butt has become a popular body part in the last few years, With famous women like Nikki Minaj, Cardi-B, Saweeti and J-Lo all displaying there impressive backsides it’s no wonder our butts have become the part alot of women are wanting to train in the gym with weights and booty bands.

Its no secret we want our bottoms to be as high, tight, round, and firm, but getting it is another matter. Our bodies come from our genetics and our butts is the area where we tend to hold the most fat for the longest, and some not having a butt at all. Making it very difficult to shape and tone. BUT Its not impossible ladies! We've some many other women transform they're butts just by exercising  

Check out Five Exercises that will get Your Butt into Shape

Our glutes are made up of three muscles the gluteus maximus, the gluteus medius, and the gluteus minimus.


The gluteus maximus is the largest of the three muscles that make up the buttocks. This is the muscle where you want to focus your efforts on specifically the the panniculus adiposes or the fatty layer just underneath the skin.

The panniculus adiposes gives the rounded shape. If you have a softish butt it’s because of the 'panniculus adiposes'. It is the layer of fat, so naturally in order to shape and give the butt a firm rounded look we need to build the butt with glute exercises.

What are the consequences of under activating your glutes?

Glute activation is not only important for building strength in your buttocks, but it also helps you avoid injury. Under activating your glutes forces surrounding muscles such as your hamstrings to help during big movements.

Not only can this lead to weaker power and an imbalance of muscle strength, but also cause a range of injuries and pains. Weak glutes can cause:

  • Lower Back Pain

  • Knee Issues

  • Chronic Tightness

Benefits to building glutes

Having strong glutes not only help you avoid injuries, it can also help with every day activities. Strong glutes can help:

  • Provide Proper Pelvic Alignment

  • Improve Posture

  • Improve Running and Walking

  • Reducing Lower Back Pain

Stretch your glutes

If you've got tight glutes, it's important to do a quick stretch before any leg workout or exercises that may recruit your legs such as deadlifts. This will help activate the glutes, reducing the risk of injury, help you progress further with muscle development and help alleviate any pain in the area.

Some great glute stretches include:

  • Weightless Glute Bridges

  • Supine Glute Stretch ( otherwise known as a Figure 4 Stretch)

  • Crusifix stretch

  • Leg Swings

  • Foam Roller

As much as compound (multi-joint) movements provide functionality and great neurological demand, they can easily distract you from focusing on isolation exercises, which are fundamental to growth. Focusing on one muscle or muscle group at a time is an effective way to activate muscles that get ignored by multi-joint movements. As a bonus, it allows you to build muscle as you increase the volume of your training session, without overloading your nervous system and hindering the recovery process.

So if you think you are not engaging your glutes enough (and don't worry, it's super common, particularly amongst those fairly new to exercising), try these 5 glute activation exercises to build strength in your butt and wake up the glutes!


Overall youll need a range of gym equipment to perform these glute execises. Don't be afraid to give it a go, visit your local gym and ask the professionals how to use them 
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