Activewear has become a part of the wellness lifestyle

Activewear has become a part of the wellness lifestyle

Activewear has defiantly outgrown its humble start in the fashion world as sweaty gym clothes and has now new brands in the spotlight with a cult-type mass of fitness women wanting more. Products like oversized t-shirts, hoodies, and standard polo shirts have become staple pieces of modern lifestyles and are worn for all types of occasions.


Since the release of Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop back in 2008 and Kate Hudson’s Fabletics in 2013, the consumers prioritise being healthy and practicing wellness in style. They might not be exercising more, but they sure are exploring the athleisure trend more than ever before. Others take advantage of athleisure apparel being more accessible and incorporate activewear in their day-to-day outfits.

Blue sports crop top with zip and blue long bike pants shirts with drawstring by baller babe activewear

With consumer often starts changing faster than the fashion seasons, ecommerce store owners take the forefront of apparel retail, while mass-market brick-and-mortar shops producers fail to adapt to this demand-focused module. We prepared some pointers on selling activewear so you can seize this opportunity as well.

i could go over the different types of activewear

What’s the difference: activewear, athleisure, and streetwear

For the longest time, we associated active-wear with gym clothes or apparel tailored for specific sports like gymnastics, running, yoga, etc. These products are now referred to as sportswear, making activewear a more general term that includes all kinds of sporty, comfortable clothes.

With the rise of more spiritual physical activities like Pilates or yoga, activewear has become a part of the wellness lifestyle alot of people are into, and is now worn outside training grounds wether it may be coffee meetups, pram walks or shopping. This new phenomenon is now known as athleisure. We'll according to NPD Group, athleisure represented almost a quarter of total apparel sales last year. It’s sure to grow in in the coming years with more brands following the trend set by Lululemon, which started the athleisure craze with yoga leggings and Baller Babe making a heavy presence in the active lifestyle scene

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