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3 Thing You Should Eliminate from Your Workout Wardrobe

We have all heard the saying, ‘dress for success,’ at some point in our lives. What many people don’t realize is that it’s not just for your professional life. What you wear has an impact on you and your behavior each day. It also influences the way others look at you and think about you.

This also applies to the type of clothing you wear to the gym. Research shows that what you wear can change the way you perform, either in a good way or in a bad way, depending on the clothing and accessories you choose. So the next time you head out to the gym for your daily workout, evaluate your workout clothing to make sure they will enhance your performance while making you look good.

Here are some clothes and accessories you need to chuck out of your workout wardrobe:

Clothes Made From 100% Cotton

A lot of people think wearing cotton will make the stink less compared to other synthetic fabrics. However, cotton is highly absorbent and will end up soaking all your sweat and will feel like a wet towel by the end of your workout. Wearing moist clothing for longer periods also creates the perfect breeding grounds for bacteria that cause fungal infection. Instead, opt for fabrics that are made with odor-blocking and moisture-wicking technology and are breathable and lightweight.

Old and Worn-Out Sneakers

Wearing your old sneakers is a big no-no. Not only do they look terrible but also because old sneakers with worn-out soles offer less cushioning and shock absorption while working out. This throws off the alignment of your feet and can lead to pains in the knees and back. Once you notice that bottoms flattening and the design of the treads fading, it might be time to replace them for some new kicks.

Any Jewelry

Working out while wearing any jewelry is a bad idea. You might think that cute pendant looks great with your workout clothes, but you might not feel the same way once it starts smacking you in the chest while you are running on the treadmill. Pendants and necklaces also tend to get tangled with the earbuds or the arms of the elliptical, causing you to lose focus while working out. Similarly, wearing rings can pose a serious risk when lifting dumbbells and can affect your grip, causing the weight to slip from your grasp. If you are nervous about leaving your jewelry in the gym lockers, leave it at home.

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