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It's happening again! NSW and Victoria are in lockdown for the second time! Baller babe active wear is here to help you get through with a few tips on keeping your mental health strong and staying fit and healthy through what may be a difficult time. This particular article is a good read myhealth1st say One of the fundamental things about trying to keep fit and healthy while self-isolating is the fact that you may have to change the way you think about exercising. If you relied on a gym, the local pool or a regular sport or martial arts group for your fitness regime...

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Everyone of us at some point has owned  a magical pair of leggings. You wear them and seem to get instant attention and smiles. Admiring glances and even a few thumbs up are the norm as you go about your morning workout and group classes. Good times!  Love those leggings!  Love the smiles.   That is until you realise one day from the back of the group class that you can see almost 100% of the underwear styles every time someone bends over or squats down.  Oh look it’s polkadot day again... And that my friend, is why you need,...

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